Lee Barton

This is Lee, Co-Owner of GPST. Lee has the specialist knowledge to rid you of that pain that has been bothering you for some time. Lee is the Studio’s rehab guy!

The Trainers

Tanya Naghten

This is Tanya who specialises in transforming the female physique. As a mother of 2 young children, she knows firsthand how to get back into shape after pregnancy. Tanya brings her international experience as a personal trainer and fitness model to the studio and enjoys making her clients focus and hit their goals.

Mike Tarrel

This is Mike and do not be fooled by that cheeky grin. Mike brings great energy and humour to the studio and pushes his clients, who include couples, ladies, and gents who are keen to hit their goals!

Laura Gilbert

This is Laura who is known to be THE spin instructor. When she is in the Studio though she has her clients working on tough challenges to smash their fitness goals, using her 20 years of knowledge and experience!

Jordan Reynolds

This is Jordan who gets his clients to improve in all areas of their fitness by making sure they focus. He’ll get you stronger, help with weight management, get you moving, and increase your flexibility and let athleticism.

Jake Stoker

This is Jake and yes he is The Tank of the studio. If you are looking for a strength and conditioning expert or want someone to get you out of your comfort zone Jake is your Guy. Do not be intimidated – he will have you in stitches!!!

Jack O’Sullivan

Harrison Saffill



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